Los Griegos Del Burque

We would like to use the form of communication to reach out to the world as say "Hey, What's up". As the world changes we must learn to adapt without losing the beautiful things that make us who we are as a people. Adaptation without Assimilation.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Good afternoon to the world and our family. Meriah and I had a great weekend! We attended a retreat for the UNM Service Corps. This was the service organization that both Meriah and I were a part of. It is great to work with the next generation of Change Agents. The retreat was in Spanta Feo at a retreat center called Ghost Ranch. It was a nice setting and allowed for all of us to get out of Burque and work on the philosophical development of the Corps members. Much love to everyone. Joaquin

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sorry we have been so lazy in the up keep of this fantastic blog. It is so fantastic and infomative close to 5 million people have died since we last posted. We sincerly apologize. Much love to those who have passed as well. Here we are with the mero MALO in Las Vegas for Valentine's Day. Next to Ernesto "Malo" is my cuisens Leah and P.J.

This is my beautiful wife, Meriah, at dinner for Valentine's Day. Ain't I smooth. It was a very good meal at the Tratoria in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This is me and my babe at our Wedding in September. Don't we look super fly. Man this would be a great CD cover for our Freshmen release. Meriah will be spiting the flow and I will be singing the hook.

OK. I would just like to welcome the world to the newst and quite possible the coolest blog in the world!!! These are the adventures or misadventures of Meriah and Joaquin Griego. Have fun buckle your seat belts because it is going to be a ride. I may post a recent argument, perhaps a discussion on composting, or perhaps I may just run sucio at the mouth. Who knows. Pues much love.

I have to get to Santa Fe. Today one of our youth sites has a House Joint Memorial before the Education Committee in Santa. We must go and represent. These youth are a group of young women from burque in an organization called Young Women United. They have identified the issue of teen pregnancy and the lack of sufficient and comprehensive education as a reason for the high pregnancy rate. Their memorial can be seen at
If you feel like being a citizen and participate in democrazy..... email the representatives on the House Education Committee and tell them.....Hey Let's Educate Our Youth!!!! Orale