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We would like to use the form of communication to reach out to the world as say "Hey, What's up". As the world changes we must learn to adapt without losing the beautiful things that make us who we are as a people. Adaptation without Assimilation.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dad even let us watch him throw some pottery!!! It was cool to see the Artist Formerly Known as "Dad" in action. He even sent us home with some cool pieces (He charges alot for them now!!) Mom worked wonders with her art with numbers...she did our taxes!!! Thanks Mom!!! Love you guys.
We are heading to DC tomorrow. We are so excited to spend time with Los Griegos de DC. We will take lots of pictures. Following that we will be in Philidelphia. Then JoaquĆ­n will take off to Vancuvor, BC for another conference. What a month!!! Love, Mer


Anonymous mexicacounselor said...

Dang DAD you look all professional. I really want to go back and visit. I wish we could we'll see. maybe in the summer time. I got a lot a nice comments from the ladies that stayed with you all. Let me know if you got the pictures.
Love ya
oh yea mer thanks for sharing the pics. be careful

7:55 AM  

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